Lubricated Flange Tours

Magnetic_Logo_JPG                LUBRICATED FLANGE TOURS

In conjunction with the ‘Strange Modelers of Universal Trains’ and others, we aim to run the occasional transport tours.
  These are usually advertised in advance via the Lubricated Flange Facebook page, this website, Ezine subscription service, SMUT Group run Facebook groups and other forums.

  We aim to have unusual tours to interesting places, all in keeping with the Flange style.

‘Naradhan or Bust’ a tour of the south-west in conjunction with the ‘SMUT Modelers Group’ and sponsored by ‘Greg Stock Financial Services’ and ‘Manila Sunset Convenience Store’.
Currently in the planning stage, this December 2014 will be our first venture into the world of railway tours. Being organised by SMUT Modelers Group members Greg Stock and Brad Peadon, we are hoping for a fun tour back to the days of old.
  Bookings will be limited and the booking form will be distributed shortly. Check out issue #8 of the Lubricated Flange for details.
Lubricated Flange #9 is planned to be a special extra large issue for the tour, including the first ever hard copy souvenier issues for patrons on the tour.



  Our first tour is a classic Sydney Leyland Leopard bus around some of Sydney’s closed goods lines, including Sandown,
Prospect Quarry and Ropes Creek.
 Tour will be capped off with a dinner at Seven Hills RSL club.







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