Lubricated Flange Back Issues

The Lubricated Flange E-zine

It’s Back!

The ezine, in its first guise, was a very short lived publication bringing together a mixture of articles, history, photographs and humour covering the railways of Australasia. The magazine was compiled by Brad Peadon and David Phillips in Sydney and was growing fast in popularity before the constant needs of other projects saw us having to give it all up. Despite only reaching four issues, the popularity continued to grow over the following year and requests grew in number.

Earlier in 2012 we got to talking about a one off return. The offers of help, and the general great interest, has since lead us again publish it on a regular basis. Both our lives being far more suitable for such an endeavour than they were before.

Please subscribe so as not to miss an issue. Sending out back issues will not normally be possible.

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Lubricated Flange #9 – Bumper SMUT Naradhan Tour Edition.

Lubricated Flange 8

Lubricated Flange 5 

Lubricated Flange #4

Lubricated Flange #3

Lubricated Flange #2

Lubricated Flange #1

Note that not all issues are placed on this website
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