Who Are We Ya Say?

Like it or not, I never have personally, e-zines seem to be the way of the future for much publishing nowdays.
Now anyone, well anyone with a capability of at least being able to turn on a computer, is able to set up some sort of website a dribble on endlessly about whatever interests them, or indeed, whatever totally disinterests them.

The ‘Lubricated Flange’ was the first foray into this sort of media for David Philips and myself. A desire to bring asian railway information from around the region, to people who may otherwise not know it even existed.
Of course, paper publishing is ridiculously cost prohibitive, so an e-zine was decided to be the best course of attack, at least initially.
Sadly the realities of life at the time, coupled with a misguided attempt to raise money for the Philippines, saw the first attempt fade away. Though it has continued its web presence to this day thanks to Lynn Zelmer’s website and, as such, still created some correspondence and regular interest in its return.
Will it ever return?
Watch this space.

Murrumbidgee Mail (Details coming soon)

Strange Modelers of Universal Trains Group.


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