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This is the new home of the Australian based railway e-zines
 “The SMUTTER”, “Murrumbidgee Mail’ and ‘Lubricated Flange’.

UPDATED: April 27th 2016 

THE SMUTTER Railfan Ezine

Started as a newsletter for members of the ‘Strange Modelers of Universal Trains’ group, its expanded coverage has made it of interest to the wider hobby.
While covering the various activites of our group still, it also looks at rural railway preservation news, model train news and a variety of other rail topics from time to time.
Back issues can be found HERE.
You can subscribe to the ezine in two ways.

Email  Delivery – send a blank email to:
lf_railway_e-zine-subscribe @ yahoogroups.com (remove spaces)
Facebook Group

Lubricated Flange:

Australasia’s Most Different Railway Publication.

  A  publication by Brad Peadon and David Phillips covering the railways of Australasia in a style quite different to rail publications of the past.

  The aim is to bring a not so serious railfan publication to the, sometimes to serious, railfan hobby.
It is also to share information on many of the lesser known asian railway systems (an area that has lacked in coverage for a long time), well as the more known ones in our region.

  Our first four issues were published back in 2007-8. Despite such a huge break, the requests for a return were regularly recieved.
Early in 2012 we decided the time was right for a return.
Even if it wasn’t, that did not stop us.Naradhan_tour

Editors: Brad Peadon and David Phillips.

Issue #8 is now available here on the website, but be sure to subscribe and not miss out on future issues.
Issue #9 will be a special publication being put together in conjunction  with a Riverina branchline tour in December. Details in Issue #8.

Check out our new tours webpage.

Murrumbidgee Mail:

This is a model railway publication based in the Riverina city of Wagga Wagga.

It is published by renown modeller Ian McIntyre and covers many areas of model and prototype railways in Australia.

Reviews, tips, articles, photographs and more are contained in every issue. Contributions are always welcome and should be aimed at the editor.
Editor: Ian McIntyre
Website/Subscriptions: Brad Peadon

If still bored; visit the ‘Strange Modelers of Universal Trains’.
For a whole new model train experience.

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